Returning to the Office after Social Distance is Revoked?

According to Savills Vietnam, 87% of participants said that the office is still an important factor for business activities after the epidemic and 55% said that they want to work at the office at least 3 times/ week.

Savills conducted an Office FiT (Office FiT) survey of more than 100,000 business owners and tenants in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). The survey aims to study the changes of employees when returning to the office and offer solutions to help investors and business tenants meet new needs after the Covid-19 epidemic.

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Research shows that, 87% of participants think that the office is still an important factor for business activities after the epidemic and 55% say that they want to work at the office at least 3 times/ week. Notably, the younger generations tend to prefer coming to the office and looking for development opportunities over long-term employees. The factors of safety, a quiet working environment, and encouragement of communication and connection are the major concerns of office workers when starting to return to work after the epidemic.

Safety was at the top of the list of priorities for survey respondents, regardless of gender, age or work location. Given the recent developments in the global pandemic, it is not surprising that safety is a top priority for employees. 

However, this is the first time this question has been included in the survey, from which it can be seen that the operation management as well as the construction of the building to ensure the safety of the tenants is extremely important. . Therefore, during the building design process, the investor needs to ensure that the factors of safety as well as personal health are prioritized and respected from construction to later operation management.

The quiet environment at work is also a concern of 74% of survey respondents. Most of the respondents said that when working from home, they have a quieter working environment, so they can focus more. The management of the working environment will be an essential element to increase the concentration of employees when returning to work. It should also be noted that safety or work environment issues are factors within the control of each individual when working from home, from which it can be seen that they are gradually transforming those needs.

An unexpected factor is that only 26% of respondents think that having a bicycle parking area in the building is important and 28% of people agree that they need amenities such as a bathroom or a changing room in the office. . This is explained by experts that these utilities have now almost become standard in office design and layout, so they no longer hold an important position for users. In addition, new utility elements for the building are also introduced to meet the changing needs of tenants.

Savills Hanoi shared that in the Hanoi market, very few office buildings today focus on the arrangement of sitting areas and waiting rooms in the building. Therefore, office buildings in general, not limited to only Grade A buildings, should have lobby areas and even other utility services to support building visitors and staff.

For example, with the development of e-commerce as well as an increase in the demand for online shopping, in front of office buildings there are quite a few delivery workers. This greatly affects the traffic in the main lobby as well as the area in front of the building. Therefore, investors can consider adding a separate subdivision serving the delivery and receipt of goods to avoid affecting tenants and at the same time solve the shopping needs of employees working in the building. “.

Notably, 63% of the respondents in the survey agreed that the exchange between employees is an important factor that businesses need to develop, and 68% of the respondents also said that the office is still the place where the office is still located. In addition, other facilities and services such as exchange areas, large meeting rooms are also highly appreciated factors. To serve the sharing needs, quite a few businesses have added dining, rest, and game rooms with the aim of increasing interaction between employees in the company.

The office is still considered an important element for businesses. In the context that there is a large number of young people in the office, there is a great demand for exchange and learning in the working process. Therefore, office space is a place to support interaction between employees in the company, contributing to improving overall labor efficiency.

Currently, companies providing office services have also begun to focus on serving each customer’s needs.

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