Ho Chi Minh City District 2 Overview

District 2 is a former urban district in Ho Chi Minh City , Vietnam. In 2010, the district had a population of 140,621 and a total area of ​​50 km².

District 2 was merged with District 9 and District Thủ Đức to become Thu Duc City on December 9, 2020, through the approval of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly .

Discover District 2 - The beautiful landscape in the East of Ho Chi Minh  city
An Phu Ward in District 2

Past, Present & Future of District 2

Empire City Thủ Thiêm【Giá Bán 2021】& Phân tích | VNREP
Empire City Thu Thiem Digital Concept

In the past, District 2 was one of the poorest parts of Ho Chi Minh City due to the separation of the city center by the Saigon River. However, it is now one of the priority areas for investment by the Ho Chi Minh City government. The completion of the Thủ Thiêm Bridge in 2008 and the Thủ Thiêm Tunnel in 2011 were expected to support the development of the Thủ Thiêm New Urban Area. Thủ Thiêm Tunnel links District 2 with District 1 ( Central Sài Gòn), the central area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City. The other connection from District 2 to the central area of ​​the city is the Thủ Thiêm Bridge, which connects District 2 and the District of Bình Thạnh. Transportation to District 2 will be much easier when the metro, whose route passes through District 2. This will be Vietnam’s first subway and will help Ho Chi Minh City catch up with other developed cities around the world.

The Vietnamese government seeks to build a completely new district for wealthy citizens, as well as a new economic center. Thanh Niên and Tuổi Trẻ , two newspapers from Vietnam, describe that the new District 2 will be as modern as Singapore and Hong Kong. 

The less prosperous farmworkers in District 2 have been forced to move in the slum cleanup measures. Thatched roof houses will be replaced by multi-story houses and villas. Some single family homes will be built for those with higher income. Large numbers of citizens would continue to live in high-end apartment compounds. Each compound contains a plethora of luxurious facilities which includes: swimming pools, tennis courts, shopping centers and other necessary services. There will be kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, but there will be no university, as all universities will move to the Thủ Đức district to form the University Village, which is another city government plan. Next to the residential zone will be the economic and commercial zone with modern skyscrapers.

District 2, particularly the Thảo Điền neighborhood, has a large part of Ho Chi Minh City’s expat community and as such has a large number of restaurants, bars and shops selling European food, particularly the Xuân Thủy main street. This area is also home to many large apartment developments. Traffic has become a major problem in District 2 due to its proximity to several international schools and many residents who travel in private vehicles.

Education in District 2

British International School EYFS achieved LOTUS Certification - VGBC
British International School

The district counts with several important international schools mainly in the Thao Dien – An Phu ward. Some international schools include:

  1. British International School
  2. The American International School
  3. Australian International School
  4. German International School
  5. International School of Ho Chi Minh City
  6. European International School
  7. Vietnam-Australia International School

Hospitals in District 2

American International Hospital – Tiến Phước
American International Hospital

The districts countws with various international hospitals and private clinics such as:

  1. Thao Dien Clinic
  2. Victoria Healthcare
  3. Family Medical Practice
  4. American International Hospital (AIH)
  5. Hanh Phuc International Hospital

Popular Residential Compounds in District 2

Thao Dien Ward

Vincom Thao Dien Mega Mall
Masteri Thao Dien
  1. Masteri Thao Dien
  2. Gateway Thao Dien
  3. Thao Dien Pearl
  4. D’Edge Thao Dien
  5. Q2 Thao Dien
  6. The Nassim

An Phu Ward

Estella Heights Quận 2【Bảng Giá Căn Đẹp 2021】| Trần Đình Hiếu
Estella Heights
  1. Estella Heights
  2. The Estella
  3. The Vista An Phu
  4. Masteri An Phu

Thu Thiem Ward

Empire City Thu Thiem
Empire City
  1. New City
  2. Empire City
  3. Metropole

Binh Trung Tay-Thanh My Loi Wards

Diamond Island 2 - KPS System Corp | Công ty cổ phần Hệ Thống An Ninh Khai  Phát
Diamond Island
  1. Diamond Island
  2. Feliz en Vista
  3. Vista Verde
  4. Waterina
  5. One Verandah
  6. Sun Avenue

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