Furniture Decoration Trends in 2021

Currently, we continue to spend a great time in our day at home, so we must bet on a decoration of our home marked by the creation of spaces that provide us with well-being. That is, we have to continue  creating the feeling that our house is safe , abandoning stress and chaos in the decoration. In this article we will talk about how the decoration of our home should be now that the month of September has arrived and it is the ideal time to refresh it.

Warm, neutral colors continue to dominate decorating trends

Betting on warm minimalism is a trend that continues to this day. This trend invites us to keep our environment in order, as well as to avoid spaces being overloaded. In this way, for example in the  sideboards , we will exclusively include  elements that make us feel good , abandoning the idea of ​​filling them with many objects.

On the other hand, the tones will remain neutral and warm. The combination of shades such as an ultimate gray and bright yellow will transmit hope and strength to the spaces where they are included. The blush pink will also be a good idea to continue transmitting the idea of  reliability and safety . On the other hand, the earthy clay tone is also still used, bringing calm, serenity and harmony to the room in which it is placed.

On the other hand, we will continue to bet on materials that respect the environment. Rattan, wicker or wood will continue to be a must in the decoration of our property. Furniture made of recycled wood will also have a prominent role.

In addition to this, the artisan air is more present than ever to give the spaces  a touch of humanity . Nature also continues to have its place in terms of trends. We continue like this with the rounded and organic lines that combine perfectly with the warm minimalism and seats that are enveloping. 

Regarding the fabrics, we will bet on the natural ones that provide a touch of tranquility and visual calm. Curtains or bedding should be cotton or linen to keep up with decorating trends. In terms of textures, we will choose those that are soft and delicate like velvet, a material that continues to boom in 2021.

Regarding how the spaces should be, we continue with the prevalence of  open spaces  with areas of the home in which to enjoy additional privacy. In this way, we find multifunctional spaces, with versatile areas where you can rest and work.

Now that we know what the trends in decoration are for the remainder of the year, it is the perfect time to give a new look to our home and continue betting on rooms that convey that  sense of peace  so necessary in our day to day life.

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