How to decorate a modern Living room in 4 easy steps

The modern style in interior decoration emerged in the twentieth century, but today it still has many followers. Although when we think of ideas to decorate a modern living room we can also refer to rooms that have current characteristics, both definitions have a lot in common. In this way, we can have a living room in the style of the purest present but based on the principles of original modernism.

Therefore, today we are going to discover how with some tips we can achieve the modern living room that we were looking to have. If we follow the four basic keys of this style when decorating our living room and we take them into account before choosing our furniture , we cannot fail.

1. Less is more

This trend, which continues in styles as trendy as the Nordic or the japandi , will also be essential in a modern living room. With the minimalism of less is more , functionality is sought in addition to simplicity, so that each object and piece of furniture must obey a purpose.

Another feature that follows the minimalism of the modern style is the clean lines in the furniture. Whether they are straight or curved, the furniture does not have ornaments in this philosophy, since practicality is pursued more than ostentation.

2. Multifunctional furniture

One of the trends we have seen this year has been multifunctional furniture . And we do not want to waste space but make the best use of it, so we will make the most of our furniture .

Thus, we continue with the austerity of minimalism but without losing any practicality . A very good option to achieve this is a combination that works for both television and storage, as well as for a corner with a side table. We can find this type of modern furniture for the living room of our dreams in several stores across Ho Chi Minh City (JYSK comes to mind).

3. Combine natural & innovative materials

Natural materials such as wood are an indispensable must to decorate modern spaces, but there is also room for other more innovative ones. Cement or steel are welcome in the living room and in turn manage to add an even more modern touch to its decoration.

Reflective materials also combine with natural ones in a modern living room. Thanks to their ability to reflect light, we achieve with them another of the basic characteristics of this style: luminosity . We cannot forget to create a space with abundant natural light if we want it to have that halo of modernism that we are looking for.

4. Use neutral colors and some bright touches

A neutral palette as a base is typical of the modern style and, moreover, as current and used as any other trend. It will also serve us, apart from providing a clean and relaxing environment, to achieve the luminosity that we mentioned in the previous point.

The beiges, browns and whites will be the protagonists of the environment, but you can add touches of bright tones . Thus, any piece or decoration with a blue, red or orange that stands out, can become the center of attention in the room and give it a daring touch.

By following these four basic steps to choose the furniture and decoration of our living room, we will provide the simplicity and elegance that we seek when decorating a modern living room. 

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