Why Hire a Realtor to Sell your Property in Vietnam

Entering the immense and competitive real estate market in Vietnam unaided to sell, buy or rent a property is extremely risky and can have serious consequences.

Even if an investor has already done this process before, changing protocols and requirements to buy, sell or rent a property can cause confusion and financial losses for their personal assets or for the safety of their families.

Due to this, before carrying out a real estate transaction in Vietnam, it is highly recommended to hire a qualified vietnamese property agent, since this professional will bring you benefits such as finding the right price, saving time and avoiding fraud.

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Help determine prices

One of the main mistakes made by first-time sellers or landlords is setting a price without justification. This could result in prices well above or sometimes below the true value.

What an agent does when starting the process is a general evaluation of the property, and based on their extensive experience, they give you a price very close to the real one. This way you have an exact idea of ​​the money you can get, which allows you to decide whether or not to continue with the operation.

If you are a buyer or a tenant , the real estate agent will advise you personally to determine which properties best suit your needs and budget.

Contacts and advice

One of the advantages of hiring a real estate agent in Vietnam is that they can bring you closer to other professionals in the field to give you greater confidence and complete advice.

They take you to notaries to clear up your doubts in legal proceedings; with architects and engineers to give you a professional opinion of the state of a property and its appraisal, and with financial advisers to determine which option will generate the greatest benefits in the medium and long term.

The advice of specialists throughout the process is invaluable and will help you make the best decision.

They have adequate promotional resources

Trusted realtors use digital tools that grow your audience and attract the right buyer in no time. Combining photography and professional graphic design, they give the best initial impression of the property .

In many cases they have waiting lists of people looking for properties with certain characteristics and, if yours complies with them, they are the first to whom they are offered.

If you are a buyer or tenant, these same tools help you to refine the initial search according to your needs, tastes and budget, ruling out those properties that do not meet your requirements.

You avoid fraud

The greatest benefit of hiring a real estate agency in Vietnam is avoiding fraud , as they have mechanisms to study all clients who come into contact with them.

If you are a buyer or a tenant and decide to act on your own, you may fall prey to false offers that abound in informal media, the negotiation of properties with legal problems and the falsification of documents.

On the other hand, hiring a real estate agent in Vietnam guarantees that the properties that interest you are legalized , since they verify that the properties and their owners meet all the requirements before including them in their catalogs.

As a seller or landlord, the agency provides you only the real and serious offers, studying the candidates before informing you of their interest in the property . They investigate your legal situation, financial solvency and credit capacity.

You save time and money

The activities necessary to sell or rent a property are: guarantee the legality of the property; make the appraisal; publish the ad in a medium with the correct reach; answer the calls, emails and / or messages of the interested parties; investigate their background; show property; negotiate the terms; draw up the contract; carry out all the legal procedures and pay the notaries.

The great advantage of hiring a real estate agency in Vietnam is that it takes care of all that, it will only inform you of the status of the operation so that, when it is completed, the necessary documents are signed and the deal is closed.

The price you pay for all these services is between 1 and 2 percent of the property’s value , or a month’s rent for rentals.

If you are a buyer or tenant, the agency guarantees contact with reliable owners, provides expert advice and facilitates legal procedures.

The fees are defined from the beginning, so you know exactly how much you are going to pay.

The benefits of hiring a realtor in Vietnam are great for both parties to a transaction. Having the help of specialists in the field will greatly facilitate the process, will give you certainty in the legal procedures and will guide you from the first to the last step.

For more information about the Real Estate Market in Vietnam, please contact me directly via email at: daisy@mycasagroup.com. Your trusted property agent in Vietnam.

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