Why Investing in Real Estate During Pandemic is a Good Idea

Real estate  have always been the best option to invest and generate profits. Whether it is to sell or to rent, you can get great benefits in a short time just by investing enough in the maintenance or remodeling of your properties.

The financial risk when investing in real estate is much lower than in any another type of investment such as the stock market since it is a much less volatile business.

However, surely there are many who think that precisely this low risk has gone down in history due to the pandemic. True or False?

Is it a good idea to invest in real estate in Vietnam during Covid-19?

According to experts, real estate in Vietnam will continue to be one of the big profit generators, contrary to some skeptics who believe that the global pandemic could have a negative impact on the real estate industry.

In the same way, there are those who believe that, once the pandemic is over, optimism will raise consumption again and there will be a rapid economic recovery that will once again encourage the sale of real estate. 

There are many possible scenarios and we do not know for sure which one will take place. What we are clear about is that opportunities are the order of the day and we must coexist with the uncertainty of the moment. 

Top reasons to invest in real estate

The new concept of “home”

Now, more than ever, people recognize the need for a home to feel comfortable in. The house is no longer just the place where you sleep. Covid-19 may be forever changing the way business, school, shopping, social relationships, and life in general are conducted. As a result of this paradigm shift, the home space is now also becoming the office, the classroom, the restaurant, and the place of entertainment. As demand for housing continues to rise, so do prices as inventory decreases.

Times of crisis, times of opportunity

Although it may seem like a great risk to invest in real estate, the truth is that it has many advantages. On the one hand, real estate generates security, economic stability, capital appreciation and long-term return on investment, as well as providing additional passive income.

Low interest rate (For local buyers)

At present, we continue with very favorable low rates for all those locals who want to invest in real estate in Vietnam. For this reason, we are at a good time to buy a home. This will also help investors reduce private loan and loan rates. This will help the housing market and benefit both buyers and sellers.

Economic uncertainty

Welcome to a time of great opportunity, under great uncertainty. As we all know, many companies have been forced to close their doors without a clear date to be able to reopen.

Uncertainty and fear paralyze, but things cannot be stopped. Many people want to feel secure during high-speed times and, as a result, want to seek comfort by liquidating real estate or renting owned homes to earn extra income.

While everyone else waits, saves, and eventually sells, it is the entrepreneurs who are going to take the risk, invest, and watch their profits skyrocket.

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