Ideas & Furniture to Gain Space in your New Apartment

The organization of furniture and home decoration, the management of spaces and their order are the three fundamental pillars to achieve a comfortable, visually coherent and cohesive living environment.

But in addition to choosing the right paint, flooring, lighting and furniture , it is also of the utmost importance that the latter are perfectly fitted and assembled. This is a task for which it is advisable to have the help of specialized personnel , in order to guarantee an optimal result.

To take better advantage of the space in your brand new apartment in Vietnam, we must merge a series of styles and decoration ideas with a set of specific furniture, capable of optimizing the space that we have to the maximum.

Tricks to save space in your home


The first guideline necessary to achieve maximum optimization of a space is organization. Order and structure are the basic pieces to increase storage capacity. To do this, it is necessary to get rid of all kinds of objects that are no longer useful , whether they are decorative, furniture or other types of elements that are no longer used.


With the remaining items, a good storage option are boxes , since they allow you to organize different types of objects according to their utility and it is possible to stack them making the most of the available space. There are also a large number of options including decorative ones, in case you have or want to leave them in plain sight.

Following the storage line, another great option is to do it vertically . You can take advantage of cabinets, shelves and other furniture to store those objects, clothes or even utensils in the kitchen, which we do not use regularly. Of course, safety must be taken into account and therefore it is not advisable to place heavy items in this area, since if they fall down on you they could cause injuries.

It is also convenient to use all the available spaces , taking advantage of those points that have no other use, such as corridors, corners or very narrow spaces. Everything is used to store if we respect the necessary gaps for the passage and we do not overcrowd the rooms.


Light is the main ally of a spacious room, as it visually expands its size. In this sense, we can take into account some decorative tricks such as the placement of elements facing the outside.

Open spaces

Other ways to make a room look more spacious is by replacing walls with partitions of less height with a glass finish on the top. In this way, it is possible to separate two different zones without having to divide them completely.

As far as space separation is concerned, other great possibilities are the complete elimination of doors or the replacement of traditional doors with sliding doors that provide more space, especially those that are inserted into a wall. Another trick is the use of furniture to separate different rooms.

Basic hacks to save space

If we talk about decoration, the main tips to keep in mind to save space are based on the use of certain materials and the proper distribution of furniture in a room:

  • The use of a continuous floor in the same style or walls of the same color helps make two rooms look like one, making the space visually bigger. Similarly, this effect is also achieved by using wooden planks or oversized tiles on the floor.
  • If possible, the union of two rooms through the elimination of partitions helps to enlarge the size so that not only will there be more space for passage and storage, but it will appear even larger thanks to the visual effect of light.
  • Finally, when it comes to furniture placement and decoration , there are tricks to make the most out of any space. If a room is square, it is best to arrange the pieces so that they form a line. And if it is elongated, it is best to do it in the shape of an “L”. In addition, in rooms with an irregular shape, the use of rounded pieces helps to create a correct visual structure.

What furniture is ideal to manage the space in your home?

Now, if we talk about furniture that allows us to gain space in a home, we cannot forget the following elements and tricks:

  • The use of furniture and other decorative elements that offer a double function is essential in those homes with a few meters. Trunk beds and sofas or the use of inlaid wall elements is always a good option. And we don’t just mean built-in wardrobes, but also other pieces of furniture such as built-in shelving attached to the wall, storage under the stairs, at the head of the bed or inside the seat next to a window.
  • The floating shelves cannot be missing either, they are very easy to place and allow you to store objects while providing a decorative touch.
  • The organizers inside drawers and cabinets are a basic of the order: they allow to classify garments and all kinds of objects based on their typology, making the most of the space. They can be used in any room, both in the rooms, such as the living room, the kitchen or even the bathroom.
  • It is necessary to bear in mind that the furniture cannot hinder the passage through different rooms or the access to them. In this sense, another good option is to opt for mobile furniture , which can be adapted to various areas of the home, making it possible to create versatile and useful spaces at all times.

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