How to decorate a small apartment in Ho Chi Minh City

If you bought a small apartment in Ho Chi Minh City, you will agree that some of the advantages they have is that they are more welcoming homes, they are faster to organize and clean, so you will have more time to develop other activities. 

Another advantage of small apartments is that they pose a test of our ingenuity and creativity when decorating or furnishing them. We must seek the balance between functionality and aesthetics, focusing our attention on taking advantage of every available space. 

Below, you will see several small apartment decoration ideas that will allow you to get the most out of your interior spaces.

Light colors are ideal for small apartments

To gain visual space and lighting, use light colors on the walls, floors and furniture of your apartment. White is undoubtedly the best option, however, you can use light gray or beige.

Choosing specific elements of the space in bright colors will create focal points that will help you enhance the decoration of your apartment.

Using multifunctional furniture 

Choosing this type of furniture will allow you to optimize the available space much better and will help you to give a modern style to your apartment.

Small apartment lamps

Lamps cannot be missing when decorating a small apartment. These help to gain lighting in your space and make it look more welcoming and spacious.

You can find designs of floor lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps and the traditional lamps for your bedside table.

Use mirrors to gain visual space

Mirrors have the property of visually duplicating the perception of any space. Therefore, including a large mirror in your apartment is one of the most valuable tips we can give you.

The bigger the mirror, the brighter, a feeling of spaciousness, depth and continuity you will get. You can hang it, or put it on the ground. Play with reflections and perspectives.

Use rugs to delimit the space

At present, many of the apartment studios do not have walls to delimit each area of ​​the apartment. As a result, an excellent idea to differentiate each space is to use rugs.

Gain storage space with shelves 

Another way to get extra storage space is to install shelves on the walls, preferably floating so as not to saturate the walls with furniture or studio structures.

Installing a series of shelves in the kitchen, living room or even in the bedroom will help you not only to free space and locate more accessories; but also, it will help you create an orderly space.

Decorate walls with adhesive vinyls

The decorative vinyls will allow you to add style and personality to the walls of your apartment in a matter of minutes. They are decorative elements, which do not occupy volume, unlike paintings. This makes them perfect for decorating small apartments.

The more storage space … the better

When buying custom-made furniture, the first thing to think about is storage capacity. Remember that you must find a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Blind curtains are ideal for small studios

When choosing curtains for a small apartment, our recommendation is to use louvered curtains. Basically for two things: they do not take up much space and they are also easy to maintain.

Choose bedside tables with several drawers

The nightstands are a great option; to take advantage of as a storage item, so choose designs that have multiple drawers. It will help you keep the things you use daily in order and find them easily.

Furniture for small apartments

A circular dining table has the advantage of allowing more seats to be added without disturbing any diner.

They also turn out to be very practical; because you will avoid tripping over the awkward corners of a square or rectangular table.

Folding beds to receive your guests

Folding beds or sofa beds are a perfect idea to comfortably receive and serve your guests. 

Demarcate with glass walls

Demarcating the spaces with a glass wall will give it a modern look and allow you to gain light in your small apartment.

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