How to choose the ideal home for living in Vietnam?

Buying-to-live and Buying-to-invest are two completely different types of purchase. For those foreigners based in Vietnam, buying a property for living can be a suitable option in the long term. In here we will discuss more about some key factors to consider before choosing a new home.

Define Your Budget:

Depending on your needs, you might end up buying a property on early stages of construction from the developer or you might look for a new home on the secondary market which is ready to move in. Financing your property will change depending on which option you choose. So it is important to  know the differences and arrange your finances accordingly (start by setting up a local bank account).

If you buy a property from developer: Depending on the stage of purchase, you will have to follow an installment-based payment scheme until the handover of the property (at which point you will have paid 95% of the total value of the property). The closer to the handover date, the bigger the downpayment will be and a shorter payment scheme will need to follow.

If you buy an already handover property: Buying an already handover apartment means you will have to pay to the seller the total value of the property + the premium in pretty much one go. So having cashflow is a must when buying a property this way. The process will be more complicated (via notary office) but once done, you will be able to move in to your new home right away.


Location is always the most important factor when buying a new property, wether is for living or for investment, so make sure to research properly the different areas in the city which have the most convenient surrounding facilities for your lifestyle. If you have a family with children you are most likely to choose a home in an area with plenty of international schools, easy access to healthcare, compounds with a higher-degree of security, parks, malls and supermarkets nearby.

If you are a young couple or a single bachelor, then probably living closer to the city center would be a better choice.

Choose a home based on lifestyle

It is not the same to think about buying a large apartment, a small one, one with several rooms or just single room; a house within the city, or a country house. All the options offer different characteristics and the one you choose will depend on your moment of life, your financial capacity, if you have a family or not; if you need to live close to somewhere. 

The Right Project

Now that you have arranged your finances, chosen a location and a layout that suits to your needs, it is time to choose the right compound to buy a home. Big markets like Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City offer plenty of options in great locations for you to consider. Based on your budget you will have to look at one segment in particular.

Important things to consider when choosing a project:

  1. What type of apartments are they offering? (villa, apartment, office-tel)
  2. Do they have foreign SPA quota available or only LTL? (if buying from developer)
  3. What are the handover conditions of the unit? (bare-shell, basic fitted or fully fitted)
  4. Will it have commercial area?
  5. Do they have convenient internal amenities? (gym, pool, etc)

Ask Advice from Others with Experience

If you have a friend or a family member that have already bought an apartment for living in Vietnam, then feel free to ask for advice and referrals from them. Their experience can really help you purchasing process and minimize risks. At the end of the day, buying a home is always a risk investment.

For more information about buying property in Vietnam, please contact me directly via email at Our team of professionals will support you in finding the ideal investment opportunities in Ho Chi Minh City.

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